Alternative rock solo project with some roots!

“Motherland” Music Video

I’m happy to release a new music video for “Motherland”. That’s a very special song in which I tried to portrait this sort of angst you might get into when you’ve been living in a small town for a bit too long time. Cool part is that here I could go quite serious about riffing […]


Like a House That’s Built Upon the Sand

This song is quite and oldie and have been performed in a number of places including good few acoustic(!) gigs. Thats already second version released because I felt it deserves a proper record and since I have had become much better musician since then, I just decided to prepare new parts, fix lyrics, and arrangment […]


Upcoming album

As most of you already noticed I’m getting to gig very rarely so it was time to announce that’s just because of my works on an LP album. Apart from good-old songs there’s a lot of fresh stuff to appear, I’m also going to come up with rearranged versions of those sounds you would already […]


Upcoming gigs

Currently, there are no planned gigs.

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